Knock helps people to schedule meetings at events.

Easy to understand,
dead simple to use.


You create your event with Knock.


People sign-up to the event, saying who they are and who they’re looking for.


Each participant sees who’s at the event, and in one click can request a meeting.

The platform automatically manages meetings’ booking, preventing overlapped meetings.

Customizable in every detail.

Knock is made for your brand and company. You can fully customize it, removing all references to change the logo, button’s colors, fonts and more. Plus, you can also embed it completely in your website, for example your attendees will be able to access the event from

Pay for the size of your event.

0 - 100
101 - 500
501 - 1.000
1.001 - 10.000
10.001 - 50.000


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